To maximize our cost efficiency, the majority of our business is operationalized by our partner team. For areas of expertise or skill beyond that of our partners, we have an established network of individuals and organizations that we rely on to provide bespoke capacity as and when required.

Meet our Partners

Christy McConnell | Communications


With over 16 years in communications and marketing experience, Christy is passionate about guiding strategy and amplifying the impact of international and domestic projects to support socially conscious organizations and to scale humanitarian aid projects. She has worked around the world with all sizes and complexities of organizations in extremely dynamic and often challenging environments. Christy has blended her expertise of digital and traditional marketing and communications with a deep knowledge of humanitarian and development challenges. Early in her career, Christy worked with non-profits in Washington, DC managing various international humanitarian aid and development projects. She has spent over 6 years living in South Africa and working with organizations and government funded projects in large-scale project management roles. While in South Africa, Christy co-founded an applied development research company that managed several large government projects. Additionally, Christy was granted a fellowship with the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development just after completing her master’s degree in Development Studies in 2009. Christy has since worked as a high-level consultant and coach for socially conscious organizations.

Heather McConnell | Administration


Heather has over 30 years of professional experience in the set-up, management, and implementation of large administrative systems. Her expertise includes financial management and record keeping, donor and client communications, initiative start-up and support, community health assessment and development, training of trainers, and skills assessment and development. Recent relevant projects that Heather has undertaken include her on-going work with training of trainers in community health education, traveling extensively around the globe, as well as managing communications amongst a wide network of donors for a non-profit organization. Heather is passionate about supporting and empowering women in marginalized communities, providing support through skills assessment and development. During 2010-12 she was instrumental in starting a child sponsorship program for at-risk children (street children, orphans and refugees) in Tsumeb, Namibia, as well as supporting a small business start-up marketing jewelry for women in Namibia.

Dwight McConnell | Operations


Dwight has over 40 years of professional experience working internationally in community development. His expertise includes managing and implementing large infrastructure projects, agricultural analysis, community health assessment and development, and resource and capacity assessment. Dwight has maintained skills, interest in and knowledge of heavy equipment operations, maintenance and repair from his earliest days in the workplace. This has included operating bulldozers in power-line construction, driving tractor-trailer rigs, operating large scale farming equipment and GPS guided land excavation. Dwight also has experience in logistics, supply chain management and international export. Recent relevant projects that Dwight has undertaken include being the primary US-based partner in the development of the Rundu Private Hospital in Rundu, Namibia. This included sourcing a wide range of medical equipment and supplies in the US for the first phase of the most advanced medical center in Northern Namibia and Southern Angola. Dwight managed the supply and delivery of the equipment, ensuring that shipments were coordinated door-to-door from the suppliers to the final destination in Namibia (phase 1 in 2013; phase 2 in 2018). Dwight values honesty and integrity across the whole spectrum of business and personal life.

Jesse McConnell | Executive


Jesse has 15 years of professional experience in international development, with technical expertise in developing program monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems. Jesse is currently working extensively on developing M&E systems for complex program delivery environments and is particularly interested in evaluative monitoring for responsive program adaptation in complex and emergent conditions, such as disaster- and conflict-affected environments or programs predicated by high levels of political change. Recent relevant projects that Jesse has undertaken include developing the monitoring system for the UK’s response and recovery efforts in the Caribbean Overseas Territories in the wake of Hurricane Maria (2017), developing a monitoring system for stabilization efforts in the Iraq in the wake of ISIS’s destruction (2015-2017), and evaluating the Africa Risk Capacity, a disaster risk management tool in Africa (2016-present).