Our team has over 101 collective years of experience in international and domestic projects.

Medical equipment procurement & delivery

Rundu Private Hospital | Rundu, Namibia
2013 (phase 1); 2018-present (phase 2)
Lead: Dwight McConnell

Served as the primary US-based partner in the development of the Rundu Private Hospital in Rundu, Namibia, the project entailed sourcing a wide range of medical equipment and supplies in the US for the first phase of the most advanced medical center in Northern Namibia and Southern Angola. Dwight managed the supply and delivery of the equipment, ensuring that shipments were coordinated door-to-door from the suppliers to the final destination in Namibia.

Community Health Education

Himalayan Peak Tours and Treks | Mussoorie, India
Lead: Dwight McConnell

Partnering with local community members, we help identify the people and resources already in the community to develop solutions together. We have a dedicated team of people who are willing to grow and acquire new skills as needed and who already specialize in the following fields: disabled care, emotional care, improved agriculture, clean water technologies, and micro-enterprise training.

Winnipeg Inner City Partnership

Central Canada Teen Challenge | Winnipeg, Canada
Lead: Dwight McConnell

Strategic design for community partnerships in the battle against opioid addiction in Central Canada. We prepare leaders, staff, volunteers, and partners through staff training, leadership training, translation of materials, new programs development, and consulting on micro-enterprise development to empower individuals and families to overcome and recover from addiction.

DFID’s Disaster Risk Insurance Program

Department for International Development (UK Government)| London
Lead: Jesse McConnell

As a Senior M&E Expert for DFID’s Disaster Risk Insurance Program, Jesse was tasked with developing and articulating a theory of change and supporting results framework for the program aimed at providing a mechanism to develop financial solutions to accompany disaster risk management for non-sovereign (meso-level) entities in developing countries aimed at strengthening resilience to natural disasters.

Agricultural and economic development in the BriBri Reserve

BriBri Indigenous People’s Reserve Council
Buenos Aires, Costa Rica
Lead: Dwight McConnell

Leading a support team to partner with local physicians to address acute health problems that often arise from poverty because they inhibit productivity and reduce capacity for quality living. Our team partnered with local doctors in providing treatment, training medical personnel, providing limited medical care in areas without doctors, education in sanitation methods, and hosting disease-prevention classes.  

Microenterprise development

Jacob’s Hope - Jewish People’s Development Organization | Kechene District, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Lead: Dwight McConnell

Community health and economic assessment program where comprehensive health evaluations were conducted in elementary schools. Also economic assessments primarily focusing on product marketing and delivery to more profitable market outlets was undertaken. These assessments have led to the development of improved school health education and significantly improved profit margins on silk and pottery products produced in the homes of the residents.

Global Partnership Child Sponsorship Program

TOV Multipurpose Center for Children’s Education and Development | Tsumeb, Namibia
Lead: Heather McConnell

Partnering in the start-up of a child sponsorship program for at-risk children (street children, orphans and refugees) in Tsumeb, Namibia, Heather coordinated with implementing partners in Namibia that provide care and education for the children, while also liaising with US-based donors that provided financial support to the children.

Street Children Program Director & Government Liaison

Umthombo & I Care | Durban, South Africa
Lead: Christy McConnell

Conceptualized and brokered an agreement for two large “competing” non-profit organizations to work together alongside the government to manage a drop-in center for children on the streets. Created and managed a mentorship for youth to find and maintain employment. Developed and networked good working relationships amongst multiple government and non-government agencies, service providers and stakeholders. Also facilitated research on the health and behaviors of street children and presented the findings at two panels during the Fourth Annual South African AIDS Conference (2009): The 2010 World Cup: Just Good Fun, or Hazardous Times for Street Children and Opportunities for Human Trafficking, If a Child Cries (Dies) in the Street, Does Anybody Hear? A situational analysis of the physical and psychological health of street children in Durban. 

Founding, building and managing of Highlands Private School

Community members, students of school | Windhoek, Namibia
Lead: Dwight McConnell

Institutional and system design and management was developed through the start-up, construction and operations of Highlands Private School in Windhoek, Namibia. This included negotiations and purchase of properties, overseeing all construction, assembling the teaching and administrative staff and directing all operations of a school with over 300 students on the opening day.

Africa Risk Capacity (ARC) evaluation

ARC & the Department for International Development (UK Government) | Worldwide
Lead: Jesse McConnell

ARC is a sovereign-level disaster risk insurance mechanism under the auspices of the African Union. As the Technical Leader for the case study work stream, as well as designer for the evaluation methodology and approach, Jesse is supporting a 10-year evaluation of ARC’s effectiveness through formative and impact evaluations; designing the case study approach to the formative aspects of evaluation, focusing on learning to contribute to program adaptation and enhanced effectiveness in promoting resilience and mitigating risk to the most vulnerable and exposed to natural disasters. 

Climate Proofing Growth and Development (CPGD) Program in South Asia

Department for International Development (UK Government) | South Asia
Lead: Jesse McConnell

As the Technical Lead for Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) on the program, Jesse managed the design and of the full M&E System for a 5-year climate change governance program in South Asia. The program’s complexity includes implementation in 10 sites, including sites in India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal, providing technical assistance to public officials on climate change governance through enhanced public policy and planning mechanisms, seeking transformational systemic change. The M&E System design includes the logframe and indicator development, an innovative ‘integration mechanism’ along with evaluative and developmental components, as well as managing the implementation of the M&E system across the regional scope of the program.

Explore Guatemala Exchange Program 

Threads Worldwide | Guatemala; US
Lead: Christy McConnell

Created and coordinated a travel exchange for U.S.-based entrepreneurs and philanthropists to observe and engage in the unique fair-trade business methodology which incubates, establishes and strengthens rural businesses led primarily by women with partner organization, Wakami. Organized all travelers, logistics, and managed the team while in Guatemala. Strengthened business relationships between Threads Worldwide and Guatemala fair-trade partner organization, Wakami.

The Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) in Iraq |

The CSSF in Iraq and the Stabilisation Unit (UK Government) | Baghdad, Iraq; London
Jesse McConnell

As the Design, Monitoring & Evaluation Lead, for the CSSF in Iraq, together with the program team, was tasked with developing a strategic and comprehensive results framework at a country level, across four priority areas, including stabilization, reconciliation, reform and strategic communication. At the country level, the Fund is characterized by multiple program partners with various project implementation partners, while the results framework is designed to be adaptive to the emergent conditions within Iraq while providing a framework to robustly capture results and inform responsive program adaptation. Also contributing to annual review of results, reporting to CSSF board.

Knowledge Production

The African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD) | Durban, South Africa
Lead: Christy McConnell

Project managing of all Knowledge Production publications in terms of work flow, editing, strategic dissemination, logistics and communications (45 publications distributed in 2011). Managed and coordinated the travel and budget of the 11 research staff. Coordinated the Southern Africa Regional Liaison for the Southern Africa network for the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC), bringing together leaders from 7 southern African countries to workshop. Managed and implemented the budget of large donor funding.

Census and Situational Analysis of all Street Vendors in the eThekwini Municipality

Streetnet International | Durban, South Africa
Lead: Christy McConnell

Designed and managed a first ever validated Census on Street Vendors in the world. Using the same methodology as a migratory bird census we successfully researched the informal economy in the Durban, South Africa, area, managing hundreds of researchers over multiple locations.

Living stones youth mentorship program

Program participants & international non-profit organization | Durban, South Africa 2000-2006
Lead: Heather McConnell

Heather helped start and manage a mentorship program for high school graduates in Durban, South Africa. The mentorship program was a one-year program whereby youth participated in daily skills building, community outreach activities, and leadership empowerment. Graduates went on to form companies, write educational curriculum, start a music school, take up teaching, and become a Hollywood editor, amongst other things.

Anti-human Trafficking Public Awareness Campaign

USAID | Sierra Leone & Liberia
Lead: Christy McConnell

Researched the extent of human trafficking in both countries, conducted public awareness workshops in each country and taught public awareness techniques to Community Service Organization staff. Identified specific anti-trafficking messages for targeted groups, canvassed media sources while in country, developed comprehensive informational packages and provided a detailed campaign with timelines and budgets.